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Central Funchal


Central Funchal is compact enough to be easily explored by foot. However, when visiting certain parts of Funchal such as Monte (high up on the hillside) it is necessary to drive there or to get a cab or the bus.

Probably the most picturesque part of central Funchal is the Avenida Arriaga with tree lined streets and street side cafes. In this part of Funchal you can enjoy a taste of café society and enjoy a coffee with a pretty view. The coffee in Madeira tends to be excellent and there are a couple of attractive public gardens with tropical flowers in this part of town.

Avenida Arriaga, Funchal, Madeira
Avenida Arriaga


There are small markets in this part of town from time to time, adding to its attraction. Not too far from here you can meander to the marina and enjoy views out to sea. Also nearby is the university area which is pretty and surrounded by streets with boutique style shops.


holidays in Madeira


Markets in Funchal

small general market in Funchal

There are several markets to browse in Funchal such as the samll one above, also the indoor flower and fruit market.