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Funchal Fruit and Vegetable Market
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Market - Mercado dos Lavradores


Further on from the Avenida Arriaga near Rua Brigadeiro you will find the market (Mercado dos Lavradores) where you can buy an interesting range of fruit, veg, flowers and fish. This market is worth a visit for the experience alone – you can find exotic unusual fruit – much of which grows in Madeira such as the unusual custard apple. Ask at the market about what to try. The Madeirans are very proud of having their own specific Madeiran variety of many different fruit and vegetables. The Madeiran bananas taste fantastic!

One of the pleasures of going abroad on holiday is discovering new food to try and the market in Funchal sells various types of passion fruit and other fruit that we just do not have in Britain.

Some tourists complain about being hassled or overcharged. The best way to buy at the market is to purchase your fruit or vegatables, one type at a time, that way you will know exactly what you pay for each type of fruit.

Exotic flowers on sale include Proteas, of amazing size and colour – usually found in countries like South Africa!

exotic flowers for sale at Funchal Market

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Products to buy at the Market


The market may not be any cheaper for fruit and vegatables thna the supermarkets but it all looks very attractive. Most tourists take more photographs than make purchases. Unless you're self-catering in Madeira, with luggage restrictions it is always difficult to take bulky or heavy items home on the plane. Lightweight items you may wish to purchase to take home include:

  • Dried chillis
  • Basketry

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