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About Madeira


Madeira is a Portuguese island situated in the Atlantic Ocean, some 600 miles from Lisbon in Portugal. Madeira has a sub-tropical climate which means that the climate is relatively warm all year round and there are no cold winters.

Temperatures in summer tend to reach up to 24 degrees and the temperature does not usually drop below 16 degrees at any time of year. This makes Madeira very attractive to holidaymakers and for those from colder climates looking to retire abroad.

Madeira was first discovered by the Portuguese in the 1400s but the island doesn’t have a huge sense of history or a wealth of historical buildings. What it lacks though in terms of historical architecture it makes up for in awe inspiring natural beauty.

Most people who visit Madeira rave about the flowers. The flowers and vegatation are stunning. No matter where you travel on the island you will see vibrant colour and tropical plants.


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Madeira is popular with the British and Irish

Numerous people from Britain and Ireland have invested in timeshares and holiday homes in Madeira in an attempt to escape the harsher winters back home. English is commonly spoken.


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