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Car Hire in Madeira


Car hire in Madeira gives you the freedom of the island. The coastal road is scenic and the areas around the coast have many beautiful flowers.

Stop to enjoy the views, pop into small fishing villages for a look around or meals.

Madeiran drivers have a driving style of their own and some visitors find driving in Madeira stressful. Getting from A to B on Madeira entails driving through long tunnels, sometimes several miles long. You can often take the longer scenic route if you wish.

A GPS system can help alleviate the stress of driving in unknown territory on the wrong side of the road. It is sometimes possible to hire a SatNav when you hire your car.


holidays in Madeira


Warnings about car hire in Madeira

There have been a few reports about unscrupulous practices regarding car hire in Madeira where people have been charged for non-existent damage to their rental cars. This has included major car hire chains.

To avoid this happening, we recommend the following

  • When you collect the car, check the car and paperwork carefully before driving away. Make sure that ALL scratches and dents are marked on the diagram.
  • Walk around the car taking photographs from all angles.
  • Take out an insurance policy that covers you for all excess or damage waiver. It will provide peace of mind and ensure a carefree holiday. Search for insurance for car hire on the web.