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Central Madeira


The central area of Madeira is by and large mountainous and awe inspiring. Much of Madeira is really only easily accessible by car and this is particularly the case for the quiet rural parts of central Madeira. Be prepared to drive up steep inclines and don’t look down if you don’t have a head for heights!

Luckily Madeira has invested heavily in recent years in a tunnel network with specially developed tunnels cutting through mountains making it much easier to explore the different areas of Madeira.

Driving through and whilst taking walks in some parts of central Madeira you will enjoy smelling clean fresh air with scents of Madeira’s lush Laurel woods – hhmm heaven.

In other parts of central Madeira, driving through, you will enjoy – with a mix of awe and terror, the steep drops to lower ground and views of Madeiran houses perched precariously on shelves on various layers on the steep incline.

There are a fair number of stopping places in this part of Madeira and view points where you can stop off and enjoy spectacular views.

Two must see parts of Central Madeira are:

- Curral das Freiras – also known as Nun’s valley and

- Ribeiro Frio & Balcoes


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Check the weather reports in Madeira


Due to the altitude, this part of Madeira can sometimes be veiled in cloud so do check weather reports and save exploring this part of Madeira for good clear days.