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Gardens in Funchal, Madeira



There are a number of gardens worth a visit in Funchal including the Botanical gardens and the gardens at Monte. If visiting the botanical gardens it is possible to drive or get a cab – the gardens are situated high up in the steep heights of Funchal so it’s not feasible to walk from the centre. It is possible to get the cable car up from the cable car point which you can find down from the market, near the sea. Using the cable car gives you an opportunity to get a wonderful view of Funchal but is pricey.

Once you get one cable car you then arrive at your initial destination to find out that i

f you want to get to the Botanic gardens you then have to part with another lot of Euros for another cable car trip. The views are incredible but the cable car trip is far from cheap!


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Eating out in Funchal

The currency in Madeira is the Euro which makes eating out for Brits in Madeira a little expensive. Self-catering accommodation is a good option because you can shop for beautiful frsh food at the market and cook the kind of meals you would like to eat at home at a fraction of the cost. Rent an apartment in Madeira for a comfortable good holiday.