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Madeira landscape and flowers
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Landscape and Flora in Madeira, the island of flowers


The landscape and flora on Madeira is very similar to that seen in tropical countries making it a remarkably interesting and atmospheric island. If you venture out of Funchal you will see banana trees commonly being cultivated - there are even a few gardens full of banana trees in Funchal if you look closely enough! Madeira is a country with high mountainous regions and lush landscapes giving it a very tropical feel.

Sweet smelling gardenias gow into large trees and shrubs. There are flowering trees with blossom of unsual colour such as hyacinth blue and purple.

There are a number of gardens to visit with many different species of plants to admire, such as cacti, orchids, succulents and many more.


holidays in Madeira



Being an island, there are various boat trips available which can be booked in Funchal where you can go in search of dolphins and even whales.