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North Madeira


Santana is the main town in the North of the Island – the selling point of this town is a number of thatched old houses. There isn’t much to recommend Santana itself though. There is little in Santana – a few cafes, restaurants and a few thatched houses with a distinctly touristy tacky atmosphere. The one interesting thing about Santana is how rustic life is in this part of Madeira and you get a feel for life outside of Funchal.

Santana Madeira

For those interested in volcanoes, there is a Volcanic Visitor centre and lava tunnels to visit in Sao Vicente.

An ecological park called Queimadas in the North of Madeira which is a recommended place to visit if you enjoy hiking and being in the great outdoors in the rainforest.

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Rent an apartment in Madeira for a self-catering holiday. Most self-catering holiday apartments will have a communal swimming pools. Click on the link below to find out more: