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Self-catering accommodation in Madeira


Self catering accommodation is a great option for Madeira. Unlike countries such as France, Madeira is not a mecca of culinary delights, making self catering accommodation a good choice for those who enjoy cooking and want a home from home.

Self catering accommodation in Madeira also offers a degree of flexibility and space that is hard to find in many hotels. Madeira also has the Euro which currently means that eating out in Madeira is pricey for many visitors with weaker currencies. Self catering and eating in can offer good value for money. Add to that, that many self catering cottages and apartments offer good value for money in any case, self catering holidays in Madeira are therefore an attractive option for many.


holidays in Madeira


Checklist for any self-catering holiday to Madeira

  • Euros for spending money
  • Shopping bag - some supermarkets no longer provide carrier bags
  • Comfortable shoes for walking
  • Maps
  • E111 in case you require any medical treatment. Your travel insurance pays anyhting the E111 does not cover.

Apply for E111 card here